Book One of the Amy Lane mystery series

A young woman trapped by her fear.

An ex-con hiding from a vengeful gang.

A serial killer on the prowl.

As clubbers in Cardiff are targeted by a brutal murderer, the police turn to unconventional means to catch the killer. Amy Lane, a desperately agoraphobic grey-hat hacker, only at peace with her fingers on a keyboard and her eyes on a screen, can peek into virtual corners in ways DI Bryn Hesketh would rather not know about. But he needs her skills, and turns to her for help. Jason, an ex-con looking to go straight, starts as Amy’s cleaner, but soon becomes much more.


Publication date: 19th April 2018


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Praise for Binary Witness:

“A fantastic flawed but brilliant partnership. The role of the digital world in catching criminals gives this book a new and exciting edge.” #10 on WHSmith’s Crime Books We Want to See on The Big Screen

“Authentic, intriguing & visual crime drama I can see off the page & on screen – the unlikely duo of agoraphobic Amy Lane and ex-con Jason Carr brings to mind a Cardiff-based NCIS, mixed with the visual flair of CSI and the tech of PERSON OF INTEREST.” Lucy V Hay, author and script editor at

“Deft writing, fabulous characterisation and a plot that never lets go.” Dave Sivers, author of the Archer and Baines crime series.

“A bloody brilliant romantic mystery with a bite of British wit!” Julie M Rowe, author

“Binary Witness is an unashamed geeky mash-up of crime references…Claverton’s eventual revelation of the identity of the killer is a terrific sleight of hand.” Crime Thriller Fella

“Claverton manages the unlikely conjuring trick of making [Amy] both vulnerable and dominant, impossibly frail and yet with a core of steel.” Crime Fiction Lover – 4* review

Chapter One – read by the author