From 1st March, Hard Return will be available as an ebook and paperback.

The fifth novel in The Amy Lane Mysteries, you can find Hard Return in your favourite ebook format via Books2Read and in paperback from Amazon.

12 men locked in a compound

12 men watching their every move

1 man murdered

When Jason’s friend Lewis is trapped in a secret prison compound with a murderer, Jason must go back behind bars – but Amy won’t let him go in alone. Hiding their intentions from both the convicts and their watchers, they work together to find justice for the murdered man while keeping their cover. As the danger mounts, Jason, Amy, and Lewis find there might be no escape for any of them – except in death.

If you’re new to The Amy Lane Mysteries, the first novel Binary Witness will be on sale for 99p across ebook retailers for launch week.

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