Welcome to the refreshed website for Rosie Claverton – novelist, screenwriter, and junior psychiatrist.

Rosie Claverton in mirror

While the old layout has served me well for many years, I thought it was time to direct folk more earnestly to the information they want. The Freudian Script and writing resources are easily located and there’s now a News and Updates section, for info on what I’m doing with my writing life. Also, the archive was looking a little bloated after eight years of blogging!

Therefore, the new main blogging sections are:
Freudian Script – all the posts on psychiatry and psychology in fiction
News and Updates – home to exciting posts like this one!
Blog Highlights – popular posts on writing and miscellany
Blog Archive – if you really want to see those screenwriting posts from 2012 (you weirdo)

I also wanted to show off my gorgeous author photoshoot by Amy Davies around the environs of Cardiff – check out her work!

If there’s something missing, please let me know and I’ll consider factoring it in to any further tweaks to the site.

What do you think of the new design?

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