With Terror 404‘s launch date fast approaching, here’s a little reminder of what’s happened in the series so far…

Way back in the depths of 2013 – during the rule of the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition, in the time of the iPhone 5 – Jason Carr was released from prison after serving time for car theft. Desperate to get back on his feet in a cold, wet November, Jason took on a job as a cleaner – and entered the house of Amy Lane.

In Binary Witness, Amy was a depressed, agoraphobic recluse and hacker hero – if by “hero” one means the kind of thief that breaks into houses in order to find evidence of adultery, or murder. Let’s call her the Robin Hood of cyber B&E.

While Jason was making toast, Detective Inspector Bryn Hesketh and his trusty sidekick DS Owain Jenkins show up to ask for Amy’s help in finding some missing women in Cardiff. Jason decided to tag along for the ride, Amy’s “man on the street” and also “man knee-deep in grime” and “man who makes the tea”. After some roadbumps in their partnership, Jason agreed to be Amy’s assistant, and they became the crime-fighting duo that Cardiff needs.

Flash-forward to May 2014, when drugs flooded into South Wales in Code Runner. Jason took matters into his own hands and went after the dealers in the city centre. Except he was captured, drugged, and framed for murder. Slow clap for Carr.

Banged up in Swansea Prison, Jason had to face his former best friend Lewis and convince him that he didn’t actually kill his brother – as well as dodge the men inside trying to silence him for good. Amy worked to clear Jason’s name and hunt down the real killer among the drug dealers, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack except every stalk has a knife.

While the bad guys busted Jason out of a prison van for a murderous chase across the countryside, Amy fended off an unwelcome visit from her sister Lizzie – who had made up with their scoundrel parents. Amy also realised Jason is hot (well, duh). Jason’s sister Cerys stopped dating losers and hooked up with Owain, but not before getting herself into hot water. But all’s well that ends well – except for the criminals, and the scars borne by Owain. Not that his traumatic experience affected him in any way…

July 2014 brought Jason’s 24th birthday and Amy sets up a little mystery for her best friend – that turned into a real case entirely by accident. (Don’t worry if you don’t remember this bit. It’s in the short story Car Hacker and currently lives outside the Official Canon.)

Along came September 2014 and a dead security guard at the National Museum of Wales. Also, their most famous painting was stolen – oops? In Captcha Thief, Amy and Jason were hot on the case, until an efficient German turned up to spoil their fun. Enter Frieda Haas from the National Crime Agency – definitely not here to ruin everything ever, promise.

Jason, never distracted by a pretty face, headed off to North Wales on the back of Frieda’s motorbike. Amy investigated the dead security guard and had a green-eyed sulk, while enlisting police cadet Cerys to recruit a teenage genius: Corelia. Things went from bad to worse when Amy grew desperate to catch the killer and Frieda revealed her real purpose in cosying up to Jason. In her hour of need, Jason realised he really cares for Amy – maybe more.

By the end of the month (and the book), the crime was solved but our heroes were in a spot of bother. Jason was on the run (again) and Amy was arrested for sins against her father, under the care of a psychiatrist. All because of Frieda and a friend’s betrayal.

Tune in to Terror 404 to find out what happens next!

You can download this handy summary in PDF format here.

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