With both Terror 404 and the General Election only days away, we know there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. While we can’t predict the new Government, we can offer you a taste of what’s to come for The Amy Lane Mysteries.

When we left our heroes in Captcha Thief, they had solved a murder but at a price. Amy’s past had caught up with her and Jason was back on the run. In Terror 404, Amy has been detained in a private mental health unit, isolated from all technology, and Jason is living a secret double-life in Bristol.

Here’s a taster:

Chapter 1: The Sea’s Sway

When everything was too fast, too intense, too crowded with worry, her only respite was the sea. Its calming blue or its stormy grey or the white horses riding over it—she could watch and find a tiny space inside her that was still tranquil.

Emma Mason sat cross-legged on the damp grass, looking out through the clear plastic fence. She had been disappointed it wasn’t cool glass, to calm the hot turbulence inside her head, but it couldn’t be glass, could it? Not here. Too risky.

Three months. She had been imprisoned here for three months. No, not imprisoned—what was that word they used? Detained. She had been detained, because she had a mental disorder and she posed a high risk to herself. There was that word again: risk. It permeated the very atmosphere of the rooms, the breath of the staff, the wary glances between patients.

It was the kind of prison that lied. It showed you bright, open spaces, good food, the garden overlooking the sea—and it tried to convince you that you were free. Merely resting here a while.

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