Car Hacker, Book #2.5 in The Amy Lane Mysteries, is now available to download from Smashwords for the grand price of FREE!

Previously exclusive to mailing list subscribers, this 11,000-word short story is now available to all fans of Amy and Jason on the Smashwords website. Distribution to other retailers (e.g. Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) is currently pending, so keep your eye on the stores. The story will also be available from Amazon.

Let me tell you more:

Bored of being stuck at home while his boss and hacker sleuth Amy Lane recovers from their latest investigation, ex-con Jason Carr leaps at the chance to investigate a carjacking at his mate Dylan’s garage. Little does he know that the “mystery” has been entirely concocted by Amy, eager to remove him from the house to prepare for a surprise birthday dinner. However, Jason is always a trouble magnet and, when he stumbles upon a real carjacking gang, Amy needs their friends’ assistance to once more get him out of hot water – and home in time for tea.

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