I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Binary Witness had been voted #10 on WHSmith’s Crime Books We Want to See on The Big Screen. One of the most frequent review comments I see is how readers can picture Amy, Jason and Cardiff as a visual drama, and I would love to see our dynamic duo on the big or small screen.


The first book in the Amy Lane mysteries series, Rosie Claverton offers us a truly unconventional crime fighting duo with agoraphobic Amy and ex-con Jason. Amy has inherited more money than she can spend and so now spends her time helping the police using her IT skills. She monitors online leads, digital footprints and even taps into Cardiff’s CCTV cameras to track criminals, but when she’s asked to help catch a serial killer, Amy realises she can’t do everything behind a computer screen. Cue the reluctant involvement of ex-convict Jason who has recently taken on a job as Amy’s cleaner, and also cue a fantastic flawed but brilliant partnership. The role of the digital word in catching criminals gives this book a new and exciting edge and if the casting is right then we think Amy and Jason would make incredible on-screen partners.

To see the excellent company Binary Witness is in on this list, check out the full post on WHSmith’s blog.

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