Things have been quiet on the Amy Lane front recently. I have been working on a new non-Amy project – a period fantasy mystery, no less – but I have not forgotten my little Cardiff detective posse.

While Book #3 is in the works, I will satisfy your cravings with a short story that takes place between Code Runner and Book #3. It will be out in February 2015 and will be exclusively available to those loyal supporters who have signed up to The Amy Lane Mysteries newsletter.

Want to know more? Here’s the blurb:

In Car Hacker, Jason is investigating a mysterious carjacking at his mate Dylan’s garage. Little does he know that the “mystery” has been entirely concocted by Amy, eager to remove him from the house to prepare for a surprise birthday dinner. However, Jason is always a trouble magnet and, when he stumbles upon a real carjacking gang, Amy and Bryn must once more get him out of hot water – and home in time for tea.

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