Thank you for all your support during the Code Runner launch over the past two weeks. And the questions I’m hearing most often are, naturally, about Book #3.

So, what’s happening with Book #3?
The good news is that I’m working on the novel right now and the end is in sight. The bad news is that I don’t have a date for you.

Why no date?
To get technical, I wrote Binary Witness and Code Runner under a two-book contract for Carina Press. Therefore, any further books in the series need to go through acquisitions, contracts, etc. before we can talk dates.

What’s the hold up?
I had hoped to have Book #3 locked down by now but I got a little distracted by my day job. The upside is that I am now a fully-qualified psychiatrist but the downside is my book schedule went a little wonky!

At least tell us what the book’s about!
Book #3 sees Amy and Jason investigating the theft of a priceless Impressionist painting from the National Museum of Wales, coupled with the tragic death of the security guard. Amy’s supremely confident in her ability to solve this case – after all, the South Wales police find her invaluable. But when a cool, alluring agent from the National Crime Agency commandeers the case, Amy may lose control of her investigation and the loyalty of her assistant, Jason.

I can’t take the waiting!
I’m also working on a short story featuring Amy and Jason, set between Code Runner and Book #3, which should be out at the beginning of the 2015.

Where will I find out first about Book #3?
For all news and updates on The Amy Lane Mysteries, you can join the mailing list here:

You can also look for news on The Amy Lane Mysteries Facebook Page or on Twitter.

Thank you again for reading, reviewing and recommending The Amy Lane Mysteries and I hope to have firm news about Book #3 soon.

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