Thank you everyone for your support for the Code Runner launch yesterday – your tweeting, reviewing and reading was much appreciated.

And now for something completely different!


Binary Witness: The Caffeinated Drinking Game!


In Binary Witness, first book in The Amy Lane Mysteries, the characters consume 33 cups of tea and 9 cups of coffee. Want to drink along with them?

This is a drinking game with a difference. For one, it involves reading a book not watching a TV show or being at a frat party. And it doesn’t involve alcohol but hot caffeine (though I won’t hold it against you if you sub in some Long Island Iced Tea instead).

1. You must match all characters drink-for-drink or, if you’re a lightweight (aka a normal human being who dislikes caffeine poisoning), pick one character and drink along with them.
2. One cup is counted if it is:
a. made and given to a named character OR
b. currently being drunk by a named character IF that particular cup of tea has not already been mentioned.

For example, at the end of Chapter 10, Jason makes Amy a cup of tea. At the beginning of Chapter 11, Amy is drinking tea BUT this is the same cup that Jason made at the end of 10.

Clear as coffee?

Good luck!

Not sure you caught them all? Click here for the definitive guide. (contains minor spoilers)

DISCLAIMER: If you drink this much caffeine, you will be poisoned. Unless you are a slow reader. In which case, carry on!

Code Runner, sequel to Binary Witness, is out now! You can buy it from any reputable ebook retailer, including the following:

Carina Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

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