So now is the time of year where writers waddle to their blogs, stuffed with Vegetable Wellington, and reflect on how everyone in the industry got the goddamn breaks except them.

Or some such thing.

My goal for this year was simple: seize my opportunities and write!

Here’s what happened:

– I submitted my Cyber Crime Sleuth novel to Carina Press and it was accepted for publication. It will be published as BINARY WITNESS in May 2014!


– I wrote the first draft of the Cyber Crime Sleuth sequel for NaNoWriMo 2013.

– I wrote a short film called “A work of art”, which was shot under the expert eye of Emma Ashley in August and is now in post-production.

– I started work on a Wine and Women feature script with Nicholas John of Changeling Films.

– I was a guest of Euro #scriptchat, talking about Multi-Platform writing.


– I started a new blog series called Freudian Script about psychology for writers. It’s been on hiatus but will return in the New Year!

– I redesigned my blog and it looks snazzy! (I also got to drink the latte in the banner image, which was a bonus).

– And I adopted a hedgehog called Humph!

I would also like to pay tribute to the bravery of my mother-in-law Pam Davies, who passed away in September after a long battle with breast cancer. Our family is still recovering from the long shadows cast by her struggle.

In 2014, I would love to continue my series of novels and also work on my scripts, which have taken a bit of a back seat.

I am looking forward to embarking on life as a professional writer (even if the day job still pays the bills) and embracing any and all opportunities that come my way.

May 2014 bring you fresh ideas, tireless typing fingers, and an antidote to adverbs! Happy New Year!

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