I’ve been away from the keyboard for a while due to family things. I was lacking in inspiration and I had no idea where to start.

So when an e-mail popped up asking me to meet with a producer to discuss feature film ideas, I thought this might be a good water-testing exercise. Get the creative juices flowing again. He gave me a location brief and I threw together a handful of ideas, condensed them into loglines and character sketches, and set off to London Waterloo for coffee.

I come out of that meeting feeling positive. One of the ideas was adapted from an old story that had been brewing for a while but I hadn’t found a way to make it work. It had been set aside for a number of months, occasionally pulled out for inspection, and then returned to the virtual drawer.

Said producer was also enthusiastic about my percolated idea and, before I knew what was happening, I had thrown together a two-page one-pager and promised him a feature script in three weeks. I had properly thrown myself in the deep end.

Which is when the line edits came through for my Cyber Crime Sleuth novel. With a non-negotiable four-week turnaround, as the publication date is tentatively set for May 2014 (and you will be hearing a lot more about that when I have all the details confirmed!)

Now, I have a full time day job. It is a job with haphazard working hours and high emotional stress. I booked some time off. My day job colleagues asked innocently “oh, are you doing anything nice?”. My response? “Nothing much.” Boy if they knew…

Friends, it was glorious. Deadline adrenaline, pure writing environment, no husband-watching-football-on-two-screens-plus-shouting in the background.

And I smashed those deadlines with glee, despite the halfway panic of “I’m a massive fraud and everyone will know it when I FAIL”.

But I needed that push to get back there, to take a chance again, to prove to myself that time away doesn’t mean I was slowly rotting.

I am back in the saddle. And I’m loving it.


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