You know that thing where writers leave you hanging for months because they’re off having “thinking time” or pioneering the depths of the ocean? You know how much we all hate that? Yeah, I’m that writer. Except without the exciting excuses.

I seriously doubt anyone’s been waiting on tenderhooks for me to update this blog, but if you have been even the least bit tender or hooked, I apologise.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a number of things – some of which I’m allowed to share and some which are currently under wraps, alas.

Remember that exciting series of short films set underwater? While we work on the feature scripts, the team decided that we would move sideways into graphic novels. We’re currently working on the first issue and it’s coming along nicely.

The Realm Pictures crew are also currently working on a number of projects which fall under the category of Not Talking About It Yet. Suffice to say, the boys went to LA, met Kevin Smith and Jon Huertas, and a good time was had by all.

I’ve also been working on a short film script called “A work of art” with Cameron King and Emma Ashley, which is due to start filming this month.

If there wasn’t enough on my supersize place, I entered #carinapitch with my Cyber Crime Sleuth novel and Carina editor Deborah Nemeth decided she was intrigued enough to read. Off the back of her interest, I decided that my freshly-spruced MS was ready to see the world and queried a select number of agents – dipping a terrified toe in the water.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to instead of writing here. Hopefully, I won’t be so quiet in future, but if you’re missing a fix, you can catch blog-lite on Twitter!

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