[Here There Be Spoilers – You Have Been Warned]

1) New songs? New lyrics?! It wasn’t long enough for Hollywood?

2) Just give Anne Hathaway the Oscar now. GUH.

3) Speaking of which, I loved the close-up solos – particularly “On My Own” – and, surprisingly, the direct-to-camera stuff really worked.

4) I was pleasantly surprised by Javert. Russell Crowe really brought out the pathos in the character, and that is now my favourite version of “Stars”.

5) And Marius wasn’t a total loser! I actually gave a damn about the boy.

6) Disappointed with Valjean – did he need extra songs? Really?

7) And, to add insult to injury, at the expense of “Drink with me” – Grantaire’s solo is one of my favourite moments! The students overall needed more time.

8) But Eponine was perfect – everything I hoped and more. “Little Fall of Rain” was heartbreaking

9) I only teared up during that song. The cinema was filled with audible sobbing by the end.

10) And what an end. There was applause. The last film I went to with applause was probably “Return of the King”.

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