This time last year, I looked back at 2011 and made some resolutions:

“So, in 2012, I will:
– Final FINAL draft Steampunk Assassins and send it to producers
– Edit my Cyber Crime Sleuth (NaNoWriMo) novel and send to publishers
– Finish my Asylum pilot, enter it in Red Planet Prize, and send it to producers
– Make a short film
– Get an agent
– See Realm Pictures take Raindance 2012 by storm
– Get married XD”

Let’s see how I got on:

In January, I was given the opportunity to write for Persona and started developing my story.

In February, I started developing a short film (which unfortunately came to nothing) and learned that I can take notes.

In April, I adapted a screenplay into a stage play with Jack Ayers for the Brighton Fringe Festival, and I signed my first professional contract (for a project that went nowhere).

In May, Persona aired, Small Chances was performed in Brighton, and I heard that Bryn Celli Ddu was being made by It’s My Shout.


In July, I made the 50 Kisses longlist.

In August, I moved to London and changed day job.

In September, I got married!

In October, I saw my work on the big screen at the It’s My Shout Premiere, and in November, “Dragon Chasers” aired on the BBC.

In December, The Underwater Realm premiered in London and is available on YouTube for all to see.

If you had told me last year that this would be my 2012, I would’ve politely laughed in your face.

You’ll notice that there were milestones for me that never came to fruition. I also sent out Steampunk Assassins, entered Asylum into the Red Planet Prize, and submitted my Cyber Crime Sleuth novel to a competition: nothing came of that. I also answered Shooting People ads and e-mailed contacts – I got valuable feedback, but no bites.

But I put myself out there. If I hadn’t dared, then I would be in exactly the same position as I was last year.

So I’m not going to set specific goals for 2013. My 2012 goal list has a number of ticks, but I also achieved things I hadn’t even considered trying for.

Therefore my goal is to seize my opportunities and WRITE.

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