You know the old adage “write what you know”? I think I could pitch my life right now as a rom com: “A neurotic over-achiever tries to move house while starting a new job and planning her wedding. Can she juggle three stressful life events while writing a feature film and keeping up with Twitter?”

No. She can’t.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that I have been neglecting my e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing either.

However, I now live in London! So, while I am sad to leave Wales, I can now do all those exciting London-based things, like go to a meeting at the BFI! Or join a writer’s group!

But maybe in October. When I’ve finished with the aforementioned stressful life events.

Please drop me an e-mail/text/Tweet/DM/Facebook message with what you’ve been up to, so I can be a cheerleader while waiting in the wings.


  • Sounds very exciting. My middle daughter has been living in London for two years now and LOVES it – there’s always something going on. At the moment, she’s enjoying the unexpected camaraderie which is developing on the tube – people are watching the Olympics together on i-phones and actually talking to one another. There’s so little going on in Wales for we creative types. A two-day screenwriting course in Cardiff I signed up to recently was cancelled due to ‘lack of interest’ but went ahead in London. It’s definitely a good move.
    About writing . . . I’m about a third of the way through my 1970s feature ‘Halter Necks and Cocky Elbows’ at the moment – I keep having ‘brainwaves’ which result in me having to rewrite the scenes I’ve already written. There are also far too many distractions in the summer – and we’re moving my dad in three weeks so like you, have lots of packing and things to organise. I’m determined to finish the first draft soon though because I’ve got at least another four ideas waiting in the wings. Have a great wedding and post again when you get chance. Tracy

    • London is definitely really exciting at the moment! My two-penneth on the feature would be to just get to the end. Of course, not everyone writes the same, but I find it much easier to rewrite once I have an ending. Especially if I keep getting distracted by new ways to rewrite old scenes. The beginning of my screenplays get a lot more love than the ends, because I start my edits at the beginning and then get bogged down by FADE OUT.

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