My secret New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was simple: Get Something Made.

Because, essentially, all your validation as a writer comes from people liking your stuff enough to bother about filming it/performing it/publishing it.

It was my birthday on Friday (a belated Happy Star Wars Day to you all). And I could look at the month ahead of me and feel proud for all the work that went into it. And that, y’know, I smashed that resolution in Month 5.

Persona Season 4 is currently airing through the smartphone app (get it for iDevice or for Android). As I haven’t seen the final footage, I’m excited to see how it turns out. First ep looks better than I could’ve hoped!

In Brighton this weekend? The play I co-wrote with Jack Delaney is premièring at the Brighton Fringe Festival – get your mitts on tickets here!

And now for something completely different.

While I was on the train to London on Friday, I received a phone call from It’s My Shout. For those unfamiliar, IMS is a Welsh short film scheme that’s been around for about ten years. It focusses on new talent, particularly involving teenagers and young adults in the filmmaking process.

I had submitted a short film of mine to them – Bryn Celli Ddu [Brin Keth-lee Thee] – and had received a rejection e-mail. Not uncommon, as I sent out a lot of things and therefore receive a lot of rejections.

However, it turns out they’d made a mistake. I had actually progressed through the selection process and my short film is being made this summer to be aired on BBC Wales in Autumn 2012. Best birthday present ever! (Though my fellow train travellers were probably bemused by the shrieking and hyperventilating).

And how can you, dear reader, make my month of May merrier?

Download Persona and watch avidly.

Pitch up at Brighton Fringe and watch Small Chances.

Watch Bryn Celli Ddu when it airs in Autumn (don’t worry – I’ll remind you).


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