*** This is a spoiler-free review. *** (The fact that I have to say that is ridiculous, but there we go.)

I’m always wary about movies that everyone professes to love. Too much hype will kill you, and all that. I haven’t seen any trailers for this film. Didn’t see a cast list, didn’t read any reviews (“spoiler-free” or no).

It was worth it. It was completely worth it.

I shrieked when I saw each new cast member. I gasped and groaned and laughed my way through every twist and turn. It has the Whedon hallmarks (familiar actors, lots of feet) and it has complete U-turns, shocks and thrills.

There was homage to the genre, and there were marked deviations that made it all so much better. From the get-go, it was surprisingly. And then it went completely off the reservation. And the ending…I can’t believe he did that. I honestly cannot believe it. But wow.

With this film, I have three words for you: Believe The Hype.

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