There comes a point where there are so many things on your To-Do List that the only sane option is to curl up into a ball and read a book.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to my entire week. If only Naomi Novik wasn’t so damn awesome.

But the longer you put the list off, the more pressing it becomes. Every minute you’re not writing/day jobbing/loading the washing machine is another guilty nail in the coffin of your self-esteem. And getting back on the damn horse becomes all the harder.

I’ve been struggling all week to come back to my writing. And today I’ve found a solution.

Say “screw you all, I’m taking some time” and walk about in the sunshine with an ice cream. Sanctioned time off where guilt is blocked out and the To Do list is momentarily erased.

And then I came home and beat my 2A into shape with a shovel.

Sometimes, writers, taking time off is the only way to get the work done.

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