My year got off to a cracking start! I’ve already talked about my great opportunity with Persona and now I want to shout about my first short film.

I met my enthusiastic director Jack Ayers via Shooting People. He put a call out for short scripts and I answered by telling him what I was working on and linking to my script samples page.

He replied quickly, telling me that he wanted to tell exciting stories about our modern world, short-shorts that had viral potential. We had a quickfire back-and-forth via e-mail about stories we were excited about, particularly based around London.

We agreed to meet later that week at the BFI (where else?) and, after making sure we were the right two people lurking in the lobby, we chatted over tea about London-based stories, incorporating urban legends and city lives. We threw a few ideas around, agreeing on four we liked most to go on to develop over the next few weeks.

Fuelled by excitement, I put together a couple in the first week, and finally eked out the fourth this week. A month ago, Jack told me that he wanted to use one of the scripts – “Change the World” – for a submission to Sundance London. It’s about the City Controller of London and how he woos the girl of his dreams by changing her world.

Unfortunately, the shoot last weekend was cancelled due to the snow. But we’re still aiming to get there before the deadline, meaning my first ever short film will be seen by the world in March.

I’ll keep you posted!

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