[to the tune of “My Sharona”]

I’ve been relatively quiet of late about what I’m working on, but that’s because I’ve been consumed with a couple of exciting projects.

You may recall me waxing lyrical about Persona last year, the app-based drama that tells four snappy stories in a month via your smartphone. At the time, I was hoping to write one of the arcs but due to various happenings in the process, that all got swept to one side.

But Phill Barron, awesome guy that he is, kept all us wannabe writers in the loop about what was happening with the drama. So when he sent out an e-mail looking for a writer, I leapt at the chance.

I’ve been working with Cameron King, director extraordinary (you can see for yourself here) on a story that pushes all my buttons and about which, of course, my lips are zipped. Suffice to say, your knuckles will be white as you clutch your phone, aghast. We really hope to bring the drama to this app.

Our story will be part of Persona’s fourth season, due to air around April – no doubt I’ll chew your eat off about it closer to the time.

Meanwhile, January? Pretty freakin’ cool.


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