The ocean. Vast. Unforgiving. Beautiful. Hostile.

Imagine that this untamed place is home to a tribe of people known to the Surface dwellers as Atlanteans. They have touched humanity but five times – this the story of those encounters.

Five short films premièring at Raindance 2012. Shot on RED Epic on location from the Egyptian Red sea to Tintagel clifftops, huge water tank sets to dry-for-wet studio wirework. The gateway to a world ripe for exploration in a feature-length fantasy trilogy.

I can personally attest to the dedication, talent and perseverance of the guys at Realm Pictures. They’re some of my oldest friends and I’ve watched them make an action-packed Zombies B-movie on a shoestring budget, win the Raindance/Pepsi Max competition with an inspiring, hopeful short, and now embark on an ambitious, revolutionary series of shorts.

You can see for yourselves that these guys can deliver and deliver big. So when I heard that they were launching a Kickstarter campaign, I was delighted that the peoples of the internet would have an opportunity to support this fantastic project.

Meanwhile, while funds are flowing in for the shorts, Dave, Jon and I are working on the script for the first feature film to follow these remarkable shorts. We’ve had two intense script retreats and are beating out scenes at present, putting some meat on those bones as we head into 2012.

To reach the feature stage, we need to make the best shorts we can. We want to inspire people to love the ocean and enter our world below the waves. We can only do that with your help.

Realm have put together some amazing rewards for your pledges, so please check out their Kickstarter page. If you’re unable to contribute, please spread the word via Twitter, FB, etc.

I hope you’re all just as excited as I am and want to get involved with The Underwater Realm.

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