NaNoWriMo progresses a-pace – just passed 66,666 words with an adrenaline-fuelled chase sequence through Cardiff back streets. My heart’s pounding just thinking about it.

Today, I was mired in an audit project for the day job and I came across a fantastic reference guide. I realise that to most people this sounds dull as ditchwater, but it’s actually useful. And, I discovered, pretty entertaining.

I was scrolling through looking for a specific reference when I spotted this e-mail citation:

HornblowerH. ( Treaty of Luneville. Email to: Pellew C.( 16 Sep 2005.

Wait, what?

And then there’s these presentations:

Yoda M. Code of Ethics for the Jedi: are they outdated? Presented at the Annual Jedi Conference. Coruscant, 2005.

Solo H. Light speed and prevailing problems. Presented at the School of Aeronautics. London. 2003. (accessed 20 May 2005).

So, for BMJ-style Vancouver referencing and a bit of a nerdy giggle, I recommend a trip to Coruscant, Southampton.

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