I’ve done well this week.

I’m on 48K of my 80K target for NaNoWriMo, which puts me bang on track. I caught up while working night shifts, despite the upheaval of being abruptly pulled off nights yesterday and thrust back into a day shift today. The neurones don’t fire too good on four hours sleep mid-afternoon.

I’ve also heard back from one of my Speed Pitching contacts from LSF, so I know my script has safely reached the hands of a reputable production company. This gives me butterflies, but We’ll See.

So, tonight, I’m going to kick back and watch Children in Need with an extortionate pizza. Sure, I could eek out another two thousand words of novel, but I have the whole weekend to write and I’ve earned my pizza and my Doctor Who trailer.

When you work a day job, it’s easy to feel pressured to spend all your free time writing. I firmly believe you should write every day, or you should think about your writing and your future writing every day (proper thinking now, not that morning shower contemplation of ‘hmm, what if my hero fought a giant space duster?’).

It is, however, equally important to recharge. Take the evening off. Hell, if you’ve been especially awesome lately and the next deadlines are weeks away, take the whole damn weekend. You can’t write if you’re too tired to hold a pen. You also can’t write if you’re not living life.

This is my anti-guilt letter to myself when I feel bad for taking time out. Let it be yours as well, good writery folk, because we’re nervous types and we need encouragement to let loose now and then.

And who knows? Your relaxed brain may be the perfect nurturing place for that Next Big Thing idea that happens along while you’re doing that living.

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