Having returned from a relaxing break away from my day job and my tech, it’s time to knuckle down and return to work.

Script Frenzy and Realm Production Meeting are over. The screnzy script is in a drawer and I’ve knocked together some audition sides for the Underwater shorts.

So, what now?

These days away have been great for percolating ideas and five brand new plots sprung fully-formed from my thigh…I mean, brain. But, like fine wine and decent cheese, these ideas need some time to mature.

Therefore, my goals for this month are:

– Final draft of The Greenwich Project, ready for sending to a comedy prodco
– First draft of new children’s tv project Origami Stories
– Penultimate/final draft of horror short

And now I’ve declared them, so I’m trusting the internet to hold me accountable.

Finally, one more May resolution: do not attend production meetings before drying hair. Especially around sneaky DOPs. Evidence in video below:

[Also, there are some awesome people talking about a breath-taking series of shorts – let them distract you from my dreadful hair.]

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