This weekend, I am in Devonshire with the fantabulous gang at Realm Pictures for our first big production meeting for The Underwater Realm project.

This coincided, of course, with the end of Script Frenzy.

Usually, I try to get my deadlines in hand, but I was working nights over Easter weekend and – excuses, excuses – that rather scuppered my schedule.

Therefore, I ended up lying on a porch swing, writing notes in the dark at ten o’clock, as we tried to design an entire culture before we started on the concept art (yes, they let me near a pencil. Shockant!). While glancing at the clock every ten seconds, going ‘oh no, oh no, I have ten pages to write before midnight!’.

Those reading on the blog will see that I did in fact make my Screnzy deadline – with half an hour to spare. I gave a little cheer while we were scribbling Greek, Egyptian and Celtic motifs and celebrated with a glass of Penderyn.

Other cool things:

Two gorgeous anthologies released and relevant to my interests – Corsets and Clockwork, steampunk romance, and Voices from the Past, crammed with genre fiction including from the creeptastic Jason Arnopp.

Lucy V expounds on recognisable yet surprising characters through the medium of mums.

GITS Scott talks about writing the final ‘Fade Out’ on your screenplay and when to release into the wild.

And more from our lovely Lucy V on work-life balance for writers – without pissing off all your mates and lovers.

Look out for more from me on the blog over at The Underwater Realm tonight or tomorrow!

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