So, it’s been a week. Where have I been?

Mostly sitting on the sofa. If the sofa intrigues you, read on. If you’re here for the big stuff, skip to the end.

Basically, this: my godmother died. And you know how angst and pain is meant to be good for writing (Glee, I’m looking at you)? Yeah, not so much.

Then, my flatmates (remember them?) decided I need An Intervention. That’s right, people: I Got Intervened.

They were Concerned about my stress levels, my bad temper, my irrational insanity. And it boils down to the fact that living two lives and running two careers is hard work – who da thunk it? Also, there’s a wedding I’m meant to be planning for my long-distance relationship with the boy I haven’t seen for a month. You see where I might be Stress.

But, seriously…suck it up, Roz. Life Sucks. You’re writing a sitcom pilot, ffs. You know this goes down.

So, tl;dr – I’ve had a week of wallowing and now I have a script to finish. And there are going to be times where I’m gonna need to take an evening for myself and others when I need to shut myself in my room to get the pages I need for the finish line. But that’s writing and that’s life with writing and life with life.

Ergo – I’m back.

*gets off the sofa*

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