It’s a last-minute packing job for the London Comedy Writers Festival! If you’re at a loss this weekend, I believe there are a handful of tickets still on sale!

So, what’s in my bag?

– BUSINESS CARDS! Two full boxes of funky designs ready for eager hands to steal them away.
– One pagers. I have two – one for a series and one for a feature – ready to dish out to those whose interest is piqued by my project, as per the recommendation of Laurence Timms. May have a slightly unusual presentation…
– Delegate Handbook, printed hard copy and saved to my Dropbox for phone access
– Two notebooks and a stash of pens, just as Oli Lewington suggests.
– Glasses! I need to see the presenters and read back my notes. And leave without a blinding headache.
– Some clothes and stuff. Might be an idea.
– Laptop! Unfortunately, I haven’t scraped together the time or the cash to buy a new netbook, so the clunky old thing will need to be hauled along for the purposes of actually writing some Script Frenzy on the train.
– Phone plus charger. For jotting down a scene or two when I’m not listening avidly or meeting new folk.

Anything I’ve missed??

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