Ahead of the LCWF, I asked Twitter for advice about pitching.

Firstly, Lucy Vee has a post with 5 Pitching Tips.

Then, we have advice from the wondiferous Phill Barron:

  • Keep a check on your breathing; if it’s too fast you’re panicking. Force yourself to breathe slower and you’ll calm down.
  • Same goes for posture, if you’re tense, your shoulders rise. Keep them low and relaxed – it’ll help you relax.
  • Eye contact, but not too much. Smile, but not too much. Rehearse, but leave enough space for improv if the mood strikes.
  • Start with basic info, like lead paragraph in a newspaper. Genre, who, where, what … etc. As interesting as possible.
  • If it’s a single, cover ALL the beats. If it’s a series, try to make the possibilities seem endless.
  • Most important: believe your story’s awesome, only you can tell it and they HAVE to make it Excitement generates excitement
  • Lead character and plot should be as intertwined as possible: it’s a story about someone who must do x or else y will happen

And more great things from the smooth-talking Laurence Timms:

  • Own the story. This is your story, nobody can tell it but you
  • Pitch with energy and enthusiasm. Be up, be yourself.
  • Simplicity and clarity. Don’t overload, make sure there are phrases, loglines, characters that stick in the mind
  • Remember: these people *want* to be surprised and engaged by new stories and intriguing characters
  • Don’t hurry. Don’t get lost in subplots. Focus on the big stuff.
  • Be professional: have a clean crisp business card and one-pager to give to everyone you pitch to
  • Practice pitching to fellow writers. Pitching to disinterested friends/family is pointless and discouraging.
  • A big hand to these lovely writers for sharing their awesome-sauce tips!


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