Less than six days until the London Comedy Writers Festival! Who’s excited? And who’s terrified of meeting all these NEW PEOPLE?

Fret not! Oli Lewington has a series of excellent posts about preparing for a festival found here. The posts on networking are particularly useful and nerve-calming.

Do you have your business cards? Mine are from moo.com – you can still get them in time for the festival if you pick “Rush Express” delivery. Completely customisable and perfectly printed.

For an example of cool things that go down at festivals, check out Lucy’s notes from her talk at Southern Script Fest 2011 on Spec Script Pile clichedom, what things crop up again and again.

If you’re planning to attend the pitching event on the Sunday (and if not, why not??) and for networking opportunities, the latest Screenwriting UK Podcast should set you right with a special on pitching!

And, finally, advice on success: Micheal Jacob on his career in comedy and Sherlock Holmes’ lessons, my literary hero.

Right, time to bury myself in some Screnzy! See you at the fest!

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