Yup, it’s official – I just signed up to Script Frenzy!

What it is, do you cry? The challenge is simple: 30 days. 100 pages.

I completed two NaNoWriMos back in 2006 and 2007 and, though they’re still sitting unedited on my hard drive, the sense of drive and camaraderie was amazingly intense.

Also, I write much better to deadlines. Cases in point: Red Planet Prize and Laughing Stock.

My Script Frenzy is a romantic comedy feature and goes like this:

The Local – When a Welsh village pub is threatened by a ruthless construction company, the villagers and their new English doctor must put aside their differences to protect their way of life.

As an Englishwoman who’s adopted Wales as her homeland, this story strikes a chord with me. I’m hoping I can do it justice in just one month.

Wish me luck!

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