I hate waiting.

I am an extremely impatient person. The acquiring of a smartphone was such a blessing because I finally had something to do while waiting for appointments, friends to show, trains to arrive.

Right now, I’m waiting to hear back from six different writing opportunities. Two – Laughing Stock and Phill Barron – have graciously kept me updated at regular intervals.

Another is one of my friends, who I know has started a new job. One month of waiting down, probably another one to go.

There’s a competition I submitted for that I haven’t heard a whisper from, so I’m assuming a silent rejection on that front.

And then someone I hit up for a short collaboration and an answer to a Mandy.com ad, which left my inbox barely two days ago. Obviously, I’m not expecting a response to those just yet, but they’re adding to my pile.

Surely, someone wants to e-mail me!

Then I remember that it’s Saturday and normal people have lives.

Time to make more product then!

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