Just got back from seeing The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish and Lunch Hour. Fast, funny and incredible for one-act, one-location plays.

Then, my friends wanted to head out for drinks and chips. I am on a diet and wanted to walk home. Suddenly, everyone’s afrit for my personal safety but I wander off anyway. Big mistake.

Oh, I’m perfectly fine and unmolested. However, I saw monsters in every shadow and kept going over in my head the scene from my short where the heroine walks alone across campus, watched menacingly from the shadows…

Turned up at home with my heart pounding a mile a minute and an impatient text from my friend ensuring I’m back safely. Safe and sorry, yeesh.

Things more interesting than my inability to walk home without scaring myself silly:

A great article on how to be your own script reader – in the face of your own worst critic and glamoriser.

Samuel Clemens’ idea of a book review

Throw money at a large pink stone and a movie comes out – fund ‘Big Pink’ and get cool stuff, including a film made by awesome folk.


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