You remember that New Years Resolution to concentrate on one thing at a time?

Yeah, guess how well that’s going.

Still reeling from my Laughing Stock second round status (unbelievable squee), I ran straight into a horror short about the Tube. Which is perfect for creepiness.

Oh, and I’m working on a webcomic idea with an incredibly talented artist. More on that when we’ve decided on Strip #1. For now, I’ll say three words: Victoriana. Spirits. Steaaaaam.

And there’s that other horror short? Why am I so in love with horror shorts? Horror films make me freak out.

I should probably actually finish Steampunk Assassins off, yeah?

Also, sticking my nose into my friends’ script will probably just end up in more work for me – though there may be a whiff of a credit.

I need to make like squash and CONCENTRATE.

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