I went on an excursion to Bristol to visit a friend. From Pads, it’s about ninety minutes, so I left the laptop at home and took the hard drive (for TV catch-up) and the iPhone.

I do my best writing on trains. But would that hold true without keys beneath my fingers and the ability to do more than one thing at a time?

Turned out pretty well. I opened up my scripts in Celtx and fiddled about with them – the major downside was not being able to copy and paste long sequences, as I overhauled my final fight scene in Steampunk Assassins. I also looked up an old draft of the script using Dropbox to see if I still had an old scene that may get reworked into the finale sequence.

The other project I worked on was my entry for the Laugh A Minute competition, which is inspired by Lucy V’s call for sex. Unfortunately, nobody actually has sex, but they were about to get down to it before the hijinks ensued.

The difference between a one-page romp and a feature-length saga is obvious. One’s really long, innit? Also, things like setup, characterisation, plot and turning points go from being lovingly tracked through beats and acts to something quick and dirty that barely has a line to work with.

And, of course, Steampunk Assassins has been an idea for almost seven years and a WIP-script for around twelve months. This naughty little short went from genesis to completion in less than a week – including two rewrites.

I’m thinking about sending out my short tomorrow. I may not send out Steampunk Assassins for another six months. It’s harder to let go of something that you’ve sunk yourself into – but then what’s the point? I’m not writing for my desk drawer and my Dropbox.

Cool things:

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More production blog from The Underwater Realm, which just looks prettier and awesomer (totally a word) with each passing week.

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