Firstly, congratulations to the exceptionally talented team at Realm Pictures for winning the Pepsi Max It competition. You can see their award-winning entry here and the production blog for their next project here.

So, with all this talent exploding just down the road, surely I should be drawing some inspiration and cracking on with my Next Big Thing?

Obviously. Which is why I’m updating my blog.

I finished my entry for Laughing Stock and then…what? There’s my Baking Lawyer rom com feature that I started to plot – then realised it was only half-baked (*groan*). I struggle with the “Fun and Games” parts of the scripts – the fun, trailer set pieces. I much prefer my turning points and my dark times.

Then there are a couple of short to medium length shorts that I have brewing in my brain. I wonder if they might be a better use of my time – and have a little more flesh to them already.

There’s also a novella and a comic book that I’ve sounded out to a couple of people, as well as doing a final pass on Steampunk Assassins.

In short, I have absolutely no idea in which direction to run.

So I’m standing still.

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