So, for those living in a cave, Persona launched yesterday!

A two-minute soap opera? Downloaded daily to your phone of choice? For an incredible £1.50 A YEAR – and only £1.19 on the iPhone?

Dude, why are you not watching this?

The Story Boss is Phill Barron and I know Season 2 features the work of Laurence Timms. Which means this thing is hot on screenwriting talent.

Also, I know how one of the Season 1 storylines plays out – and really, it’s gonna be good. Tell your friends.

As an aside, having tried both, I prefer the iPhone app, but it doesn’t matter as long as you get your daily Persona fix.

And why am I so excited about this? One – I think it’s an awesome, crazy idea. And two – I might get to write some it.

How does one get Persona?
– Text PERSONA to 87474
– Download ‘Persona Drama’ from the App Store


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