Inspiration is unpredictable. And often inconvenient in timing.

I’ve gone through phases on how I record my lightning-bolt moments. Until recently, I used to carry a notebook in my bag to scrawl down whatever came into my head – the “rewrite” of Steampunk Assassins took place on a train (naturally) with a bunch of papers tied together with red ribbon.

When I was younger, I had a Dictaphone. I would write poetry and flash-fiction on it, record random plot ideas and sing songs into it. My co-writer and I once sat down all afternoon with it and recorded a lengthy discussion on how best to play out our magnum opus (as yet unwritten – ah, teen spirits!).

I also had a mini-computer, which did me very well – until I tried to use in on a coach and it careered into the window, smashing the screen. My PDA was bought for work purposes but was also appropriated for plotting and writing.

Now, I have an iPhone. And I’ve been using the Notes application to record my random plots – from new ideas to scene rewrites to character profiles. Until I realised that I couldn’t sync them with the laptop. And the iOS4 update erased them all, much to my horror.

Therefore, today I am transferring them all to Evernote. I’m already using it on my desktop, but the mobile version lets me record my inspiration moments and know that I’ve got them backed up online and on the laptop.

I’m also mobile with Celtx and Dropbox, meaning there is no excuse for slacking on my work, when I have my latest notes, script drafts and research at the bus stop on a rainy day.

Now, there are no excuses.


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