Of course, it’s the time of year for summaries and conclusions, personal achievement counting and reflection.

I have finished Steampunk Assassins. By which I mean it’s with my beloved director and editor friends and I suppose there might be One Final Draft to complete.

I have made a start on The Greenwich Problem for Laughing Stack 2011. I ran the logline past my director, extrapolated the plot of the pilot and shaded in the main characters’ traits and tics. He was very enthusiastic – and, as I trust his tastes, this pleases me greatly.

I’m also going to try my hand at a Rom Com feature spec – we’ll term it Baking Lawyer. That has a beat sheet but nothing else at the moment.

Military Monster needs a complete overhaul before it can have anything going for it. I need to take a step back on Asylum and write a beat sheet for the pilot before I sink further into the intricacies of plotting Season 3 (it’s a very large shoe).

And, in the interests of quieting my ADD, the other projects are all on permanent hold until I can get to grips with my current workload.

Now, enough about me.

I hope 2011 beings you new ideas, fresh perspective, 3D characters, patient agents, eager producers and gifted directors. I hope your specs sell and the Beeb commissions your pilots. And I hope you find time for friends, family, and really good wine.

Happy New Year.

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