In my ongoing struggle with original voice, I spotted similar questions from readers of TBSR about blocky action paragraphs.

I have issues in Steampunk Assassins with scenes where my protagonist is with his partner – who is completely silent. Therefore, all his dialogue is replaced by action paragraphing. That adds up to a lot of bulk. Trying to cut that down without losing the sense of the scene is proving very challenging.

Bitter also links to one of Scott’s posts where he describes WALL-E’s haiku-style paragraphing. He does make the legitimate point, however, that it has to suit the tone of your film. Robot drama, yes. Rom Com…perhaps not.

Now for something completely different:

Laughing Stock 2011 – BBC comedy competition for those without a network commission (i.e. awesome funny newbies). 15-30min script plus one-page series outline. Winner takes a comedy masterclass and a one-week intensive development session. Closing Date: Monday 21st February 2011.

Well worth a look. I do love my BBC.

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