When Phill Barron described his new project Persona on Wednesday, I wanted to be part of it. It sounds like a crazy format that could be incredibly powerful: daily two-minute continuing drama centred around a dating website – www.i-heart-u.co.uk – that is accessed via an app on your smartphone.

Today, he released more details and invited writers to enquire.

Obviously, that e-mail is already sent.

Other things I like today include Less IMDB – John August’s solution to IMDB’s redesign to bring cast and credits to the top and screw gossip and trivia – which now has releases for Chrome and Firefox.

And Vampires v Zombies, which reminds me of an action/interaction-based prompt table I made for my editor friend – including the prompt Zombies v Unicorns.

(Personally, I’d take Undead Unicorns)

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