I was thinking earlier on the differences in notoriety between writers and directors.

Films are all about the director – as demonstrated by Dale Launer’s comments (boosted by Scott at GITS).

However, TV shows are a lot more about writers. Obviously, the bigger names are the showrunners – Joss Whedon, Aaron Sorkin, Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, JJ Abrams etc. etc. However, I also recognise most of the regular Doctor Who episode writers – for example, Euros Lyn and Moffat, when his episodes were the terrifying highlight of a season.

Maybe it’s because I know TV better, but it genuinely feels that writers get more credit in TV. Then again, movie writers get far bigger paydays.

So, is it worth it? Do we want fame or money?

Or…do we make the conversion? Aaron Sorkin is a renowned TV writer. Admittedly, he wrote films first, but TV is what he’s famous for. ‘The Social Network’, however, is Aaron Sorkin’s movie more than it is David Fincher’s.

There’s also Joss Whedon, whose absence from the latest big-screen Buffy incarnation has caused outrage. And cheering there was when we found out that he was involved in ‘Wonder Woman’ (brief joy, admittedly) and that he’s on ‘Avengers’. The power of a well-loved writer.

A TV writer.

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