I am on a sick day (night?), so I’m catching up with my blogomarble. Not writing, alas, because I feel like I’ve been used as a punching bag, but reading about other people writing.

Things that have intrigued me:

Firstly, Amazon launch a film-making forum – could be very good, could be a vehicle for Warner Bros to screw some people over. If some pros sign on, it might be worth an early look.

John August tells us to scratch our own itch – write the films we want to see. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that if I heard about a steampunk assassins movie, I would be there like a shot. Some other projects – well…maybe not so much. While I love my Military Monster project with a passion, there was some part of it that came from “there is a gap in the market that I would like to fill”. Except that it appears Jason Arnopp beat me to it.

And last, but certainly not least, Lucy Vee has set up a short films networking post – Film Shorts Club. I am, however, a little intimidated by the experience of the current participants and by the fact that I do not use my real name for my online screenwriting-related activity because of my day job. And concealing my real name is against Lucy’s rules, which makes perfect sense but counts me out for the moment.

Food for thought. And now I’m going back to bed and try to wrangle my body clock and immune system into some semblance of order.


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