I turn to my more experienced colleagues to answer a question for me:

I am constructing my entry for the Prequel to Cannes Short Script Competition – recycling my unfulfilled LSWF competition entry – and the T&C asks for a one-page treatment and a 250-word synopsis.

Easy, I thought. So I set to scribbling them down and then frowned. My treatment comes to 334 words and my synopsis comes to 144. Ah.

The problem I’m having is that the screenplay is only ten pages long. How do I make the treatment long enough without resorting to writing out my screenplay minus the dialogue? Am I missing the real point of the synopsis (quite likely)?

Advice? Mockery? I’ll take it all!


  • A synopsis gives you the chance to sell your story – a treatment gives you the chance to sell your characters and the emotional spine of their journey. Maybe you could add a bit more detail about those things?

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