Set to editing Steampunk Assassins this weekend – actually overhauling the whole thing instead of tweaking the bits I hated most.

And I realised that I’d written most of the thing in present progressive e.g. Edward is writing a load of nonsense at his desk.

When I did use a simple present, I usually followed it with a ‘then’: Edward runs to the mast, then climbs it.

Also, a lot of things happened simultaneously: Edward turns, as the wind catches his coat and billows it behind him like a big black cloud.

Irritatingly, Act One took about two hours to trawl through and getting to the midpoint took another two hours. I’m not convinced some of these scenes took this long to write in the first place!

Editing sucks.

In other news, The Bitter Script Reader has collected the final scripts from the Round Robin writing project.

He will be showcasing them on his blog in the coming days – my segment is in the Team Chynna script and I’ve scrawled a bit of “insight” into what I wrote. I can’t wait to see what comes out!

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