You may recall my disgusted review of ‘The Expendables’. When I went to see that film, it was preceded by the trailer for RED, which excited me more than the whole of the nonsense feature that followed it.

On Wednesday, I went to see RED. Half my friends mutinied in Nando’s and decided they wanted to see The Social Network instead. My other friends had already seen that film, and so we decided to continue with the plan.

It was a really good film. An all-star cast that really worked together with believable characterisation and sharp dialogue. It had a classic three act structure, and the turning points were hit well. My one grumble is that while MLP got a lot of screen time, she didn’t do much in the way of awesome. But that’s okay – she doesn’t know how to hold a gun! Give her time (and a sequel?) and I’m sure she’ll be kicking ass and taking names.

And I mention the S word because I think this is one of the few films I’ve seen in recent years where they leave everything open for a follow-up without 1) leaving the original story incomplete or 2) setting it up so blatantly as to make all savvy audience members role their eyes.

In short, go see this film.

Good luck to everyone at the LSWF this weekend. I’m sorry I can’t be there, but the day job sank its claws into me. I look forward to hearing about Laurence Timm‘s The Dead Office and I hope to join you all next year.


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