I was a hyperactive child. This should surprise absolute no one who’s seen the list of projects I’ve been “working on” this year.

When it comes right down to it, I don’t have a single finished, polished script. This is a Very Bad Thing.

However, I am determined that Steampunk Assassins looks good by Christmas. Preferably, the Military Monster pilot should also be screen-ready.

But…these little short-short competitions keep distracting me!

First, there was London Screenwriters Festival Short. That one is a day away from readiness and the deadline is Friday.

Then, Kulvinder Gill’s post about October Opportunities drew my attention to Crash Pad – take a news story, write five pages with two characters, submit by Monday 18th October.

And now Kid In The Front Row Screenwriting Competition 2010. Which, on the surface, looks amazing but the limitations on the thing are crazy! There are named characters, named locations and a line of dialogue to include. And the deadline is Thursday 21st October.

Meanwhile, my other two scripts sit in a neglected pile, with me occasionally throwing notes at them like ‘ooh, let’s move the entire thing to Eastern Europe!’.



  • It’s a shame you seem them as limitations, rather than opportunities. Either way – I hope it doesn’t stop you from writing. It’s easy to find excuses not to, much harder to open final draft and go for it.

    These ‘limitations’ are a way of putting all you creative people in the same boat, with the same stimuli, and seeing what magic you can produce!

    I look forward to your entry!!

    • I hadn’t considered it as a creative funnel – that actually does make the concept a lot more interesting.

      I’ll definitely consider an entry: my brain is already considering twists!

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