So, I’m back from holiday and I haven’t written a word.

Well, that’s a lie. I scribbled a couple of rewritten scenes in my notebook and wrote about two thousand words of something completely unpublishable.

And then I just can’t concentrate on one thing at a time (as you may have noticed). But maybe this is a good thing?

Michelle Lipton quotes Adrian Mead on types of writer:

– The Martyr – full time movie writer
– The Optimist – full time movie and TV writer
– The Realist – full time screenwriter: movies, TV, theatre, radio, online, multi-platform, games

So…it’s good that I’m like the Energizer bunny on speed?

And, if you’re a green newbie like me, Bitter’s ‘How do I get started?’ is a good summary of the complexity of hard work and determination required for this business.

Okay…going to stop procrastinating now and work on my short

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