While reading TBSR’s throughts on this summer in movies, two things struck me:

1) Scott Pilgrim is a damn fine film, but, apparently, only to geeks and gamers?


2) Inception ruled all.

And that film?

Took Christopher Nolan TEN YEARS! Ten years while he was doing other stuff and making other people’s work (rather well, it must be said), but it took him ten years to perfect, before he was happy to make that film.

How many of the other “hits” of the summer can say that? Arguably, Toy Story 3 was biding its time for ten years, waiting for its audience to reach maximum nostalgia, but we are all about the now.

My Steampunk Assassins script, in its first planning stages, originated on an exotic holiday in 2004. It got its first screenplay draft in 2008 and it was only this year that I actually dragged it together into a workable plot, let alone refining the product into something worthwhile.

I don’t think we should be afraid, as writers, to settle down for a maturing, blossoming long-term relationship with our ideas. Maybe it’s not about a six week fling where we churn a script out and hope it hits Hollywood.

Any ideas you’ve got buried in a folder or on a hard drive that you haven’t touched for years? Get them out, dust them off, and see if they’re actually better than ever.

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