Previously, I wrote on discovering my soundtrack with reference to the dust-gathering apocalypse novel.

Today, John August’s playlist post pops up on Reader. A few synapses fire and I think to myself “y’know, I haven’t done that lately”.

Seeing as it was such a good idea the first time around, I thought I’d give it a go. If anyone has any tracks evocative of the British military, savage monsters tearing the place apart, or young women on journeys of self-discovery, drop me a line.

So far, I have the angsty My Heart Is A Fist by Papa Roach, the wistful Airplanes by BoB feat. Hayley Williams, and my old favourite The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars.

And…just in case you wanted to be me for a day instead of Laurence

1. Have a strange mash-up of Airplanes and Love The Way You Lie circulating the brain
2. Spend your afternoon hopelessly link-clinking on TV Tropes
3. Maybe go to work for a few hours, or something.
4. Despair at complete lack of writing ability.
5. Tea. Plain old teabags or a posh pot stuffed with leaves…the stuff is manna.
6. Spend hours on “research” instead of actually just tweaking the damn script already.
7. Replace tea with alcohol. Neat.


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